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Milton Keynes Essentials – What To Know

So you’ve moved to Milton Keynes, just been handed the keys to your new home, open the door and find that there may be a problem or two with your new place. There’s a leak under the kitchen sink. Some wallpaper might by hanging off in the spare room. The heating might be on the fritz. Whatever the problem is there’s no need to worry as we’ve compiled a checklist of everything and everyone you need to have in your phone book from the day you get here. So bookmark this post and use it as your new Milton Keynes bible.

The Backstory – Getting to know the city’s lingo

Unless you’re a cockney and think that Milton Keynes is nothing more than rhyming slang for jeans, you may want to used to a few colloquialisms we have here to help get you settled much quicker. The first thing I’d want to see happen to you is a stumped face upon your first day at work when someone calls you a cow jockey.

  • Milk & Beans – This isn’t some insane local culinary dish we all love scoffing down at lunch. It’s what people living outside of town seemingly prefer to call us when they’re coming in for the day.
  • Cattle or Plastic Cow-Jockey – Make sure to never say this to a local. This is an unfortunate regional nickname that we don’t take too affectionately. The only time it really doesn’t matter is when someone refers to a person from Milton Keynes as a thief for Wimbledon relocating here to become MK Dons. But who really cares about the dons?

The Movers – Ablemove

Moving home is a right pain for everyone involved. Having recently done a big move with two toddlers in tow, the nightmare of checking every cardboard box up and down for a few milk bottles was my own needled in a haystack. We were making our big move all the way from the south and needed a small removal companies in Bristol that wouldn’t sting us badly for all the stuff we had, especially when so much of it was baby stuff. While I don’t live there anymore, I always tell mates still living in the area to use them as they were the nicest bunch of movers I’ve ever met (and I’ve come across some right grumpy fellas in may day)

The Plumber – Plumber Parts

So when we moved in we were very lucky not to find any leaks or hidden water damage in the house. there was one big problem though: the heating wouldn’t turn on. I had a bit of a nightmare trying to find someone who could help out as the house didn’t have a Yellow Pages and Google Maps wasn’t as good as it is now. Luckily I came across this Plumber Parts and everything was tickety-boo when I managed to get one to come over at half 8 on a a Sunday night to make sure I didn’t have the wee ones sleeping on a mound of blankets to stay warm. It turned out that the lovely new boiler we had was actually on the fritz and we needed some boiler spares to get the spark working properly. A whole potentially catastrophic night was over in no time at all. Ever since then I just tell friends to use this site if they need a plumber on short notice.

The Joiner – Heath Carpentry

There are plenty of joiners in town that can help with a quick job here and there if you need something done in a hurry, but I have had the best luck with Heath Carpentry when I needed a staircase done to make sure there wasn’t going to be an accident with a small kid tripping down them. There are a few other trusted local companies too that I’ve been told do good work. Tofield LTD do a lot a jobs for small businesses and a bit of domestic stuff to, and Martin Clay is a handy carpenter if you’ve got an awkwardly shaped room to do up.

The Takeaway – Big Joes

chilli panner pizza

The first big deal when moving in to a new house is deciding what takeaway to have for dinner. When you’re unpacking in to your clean new house there is no drawer rammed to the brim with takeaway menus to try your luck with. There is one very special place if you’re living in the MK9 area that I can’t recommend enough: BIG JOES. The have free delivery for anyone living within three miles and they open longer than most other takeaways around town. The reason I’m recommending them is simply because they have the widest range of foods that will keep everyone at home happy. Their kids meals are nicely proportioned and I can vouch for their pizzas (especially the Chilli Paneer Pizza which looks like the photo I found above).

The Furniture Store

After you get used to seeing so many roundabouts (lord knows why we have so many) you’ll probably want to start decorating your house. If you’re impatient, then you’ll want to head down to Winterhill Retail Park as right beside oeach other you have Furniture Village, DFS, Oak Furnitre Land, Dunelm Mill, Harveys and Homebase.

If you’re a bit of a saver though and nifty with shopping online, I’d highly recommend taking a look at some discount codes for Very, as they do a “pick your own delivery date” for furniture that can be timed to come at the same time as when you’re moving home and when everything to go smoothly.

The Park – Emberton Country Park

We’re pretty much in the full swing of summer and there will be a few days when sitting in the backyard (if you have one) doesn’t do the weather justice. My go to spot for taking the kids, and for many other people it seems, is Emberton Country Park. Directly north of town on the A509 it is the perfect Sunday spot for all ages. If you go during the week then you’ll usually see some folks out fishing, and at the weekend the dedicated BBQ sites are quite busy. There’s loads of information on the council website on how to get there and what facilities there are.

The Restaurant – The East House

The East House Milton Keynes

“We’re going out for Polish food”

There’s a phrase that doesn’t ever built much excitement, unless you’re lucky enough to be living here and know about The East House. Just off the High Street in Tickford End, this great little place has that feeling of high end dining that you don’t usually get around town and manages to make Polish food look and taste amazing. If you’re only encounter with this kind of stuff is staring on weirdly at funny looking names in the foreign aisle in Tesco, I say give it a go. They do a thing called a GOŁĄBKI, which is cabbage stuff with mince. It sounds horrible, but it tastes great.

As a way of getting used to the area, definitely head here.